Registry for Polo Ponies

The Registry is exclusive to Polo Ponies and breeding stock used for Polo only

 ***open to all breeds of horses being used for polo***


 Enter a Polo Gelding in the Polo Pony Registry : cost $75 Buy Now

Enter a Stallion or Mare in the Polo Pony Registry : cost $ 200 Buy Now

Enter the offspring of an APHA registered horse in the Polo Pony Registry: cost $150 Buy Now

Establish a record of your polo pony by purchasing a registration now

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***** is a branch of the American Polo Horse Association,created to provide a point of entry for people around the world to register their polo ponies or advertise their polo pony business web link and connect with nearly 10,000 page followers who share the same passion…in one central place…….American Polo Horse Facebook page…the largest Polo Pony dedicated Facebook page in the world